KITL Overview

In harmony with nature

Our renewable energy solutions replace conventional fossil fuel based energy sources. We work to get our customers convinced about our green solutions that make economic sense.

We are the renewable energy arm of the century old Kirloskar group, a leading industrial and engineering conglomerate based in India.

At KITL, we are committed to developing and distributing green technology solutions to reduce green house gas emissions. Currently, our focus is on bioenergy, solar, and tidal and marine energy solutions. We offer both stand-alone and hybrid solutions, customizable for the needs of our customers.

KITL was founded in 2008 and is based in Pune, India. We have extensive research background in ‚Äúrenewable energy‚ÄĚ and have filed several patents in this area.

Our customers range from farmers in rural areas, to governments and defense, as well as independent power producers, among others.